Mini Mash Keg (4 lbs, approximately 80 pieces)

Mini Mash Keg (4 lbs, approximately 80 pieces)

 The Mini Mash - Same great flavor in a bite-sized bar. 

 Cherry Mash consists of a soft cherry-flavored center containing real maraschino cherries covered in a mixture of chopped roasted peanuts and chocolate coating.


This item is not available to ship at this time to the following states due to warm weather shipping constraints:  AZ, FL, LA, TX. 

In addition to the 4lb Mini Mash Keg, Mini Mash is available in the following sizes:

12oz bag 

ChangeMaker Jar - 60 count  (not available to these warm weather states due to packaging constraints:  AZ, FL, LA, TX. 



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